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BUBBLE is an opera with a duration of one year, the action takes place in the virtual scenery, around an artificial, multimedia heap of garbage, the only musical instruments used in the opera are electronic monochords, designed by artists and named Samotryas.

For one year from October 2017, the life and events taking place in the HfG / ZKM building have been symbolically hung by Chaos Sense Delight group inside the envelope of a special meta-object, the Cucumber of Time. All the events inside are turning into acts of continuous opera performance. In addition to this hidden performative process, the BUBBLE Opera will have four large open events. The first total event of the BUBBLE Opera will take place on December 15th. It will be devoted to the Tools of Disclosure and will take place in the format of the Media-rave Conference.

In a programme:
The Phenomenological Zoo,
Capsules of time and their practical use,
Tools of Disclosure,
and other.

Details you can find on the website or by phone: 015784307191

Weitere Veranstaltungen